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A headshot photo of Pablo Vincente Muneura

Pablo Vicente Munuera

Hi! I am Pablo, a computer scientist tackling biological problems. The organs in our body serve a variety of functions. These functions depend on the shape of the organ, which, in turn, depends on how the cells are structured. Shape and function are very related in nature! I am intrigued by how epithelial cells change their shape in three dimensions (3D) depending on the forces appearing in the tissue and what are its effects on the tissue they belong to. To study this, I am analysing wound healing movies of the Drosophila wing disc to see how cells adapt to disruptions in tissue mechanical dynamics. For that, I am using image analysis techniques and machine learning to transform the images from the microscope to objects inside a computer (they belong to ‘a’ matrix now!), and computer simulations to analyse what forces give rise to certain shapes.

Research themes


Polarity and cell shape

Computational biology

Tissue mechanics 

Image analysis

Computational modeling

Machine learning


2020             PhD in Computational Biology | University of Seville and Institute of Biomedicine of Seville (IbiS) |  Seville, Spain

2016              Magister in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology | Instituto of Health Carlos III (ISCIII) | Madrid, Spain

2015              Degree in Information Theory | University of Alicante | Spain


2022              Marie Curie Fellowship

2018              1st place at HackForGood Global 2018 (Telefonica, Spain)

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