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Lab events

Lab retreat 2024

Scientific retreat 2024-

3 days of scientific talks and discussions

science retreat house talks and presentations
House where the retreat will be held

Lab retreat 2022

Fantastic few days of stimulating science discussions, fun games, morning runs, great food, and country walks with

@LevayerR! #retreat #interdisciplinary #science

Mao lab sitting at a table
Mao lab outside a large house waving

Awarded an MRC Senior Non Clinical Fellowship

It’s finally official! I’m delighted to announce that I have been awarded an MRC Senior Non Clinical Fellowship to work on mechanical robustness during development and repair. Thank you


for the continued support! And thanks to my fab lab, here celebrating with dim sum!

Mao lab eating ouside smilling at the camera



lab #brainchain with students and postdocs from UK, Cyprus, Mexico, Poland,Turkey and Hong Kong, because #togethersciencecan

People forming a chain outside the LMCB building
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